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Lauren McGuckin

Accredited Practicing Dietitian

Lauren McGuckin is an enthusiastic and passionate Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist and Diabetes Educator. With experience in weight and diabetes management, a rapidly evolving interest in dietary intolerances and appreciation for the Health at Every Size (HAES) paradigm. Lauren enjoys working with her clients to encourage changes in their eating habits that are sustainable and completely suited to their individual needs and lifestyles.

As a media spokesperson for the Dietitian’s Association of Australia (DAA), Lauren is also passionate about delivering evidence based and practical advice to the wider community, in a manner that is relatable and even fun. She doesn’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ nutrition, but is open to assisting those wanting to pursue a particular diet or weight loss method, by providing them with expert guidance and support.


A little bit about Lauren

Since graduating from Curtin University in Western Australia in 2011, I have been privileged to have practiced in many different settings such as bariatrics, food service for corrective and detention facilities, diabetes and weight loss management and private practice.

I am also fortunate enough to represent the Dietitians Association of Australia as a media spokesperson and have featured in publications such as Women’s Fitness, Prevention, The West Australian, SoapWorld and That’s Life magazines and can regularly be heard across the airwaves of Australian radio.

I have postgraduate qualifications in Diabetes Education and Management, which I was inspired to take on during my work as a part of a multidisciplinary diabetes management team. As a result, I have an increased understanding of the complexities of diabetes management and am passionate about assisting those with the condition to lead full, happy and healthy lives.

When I’m not researching recipes and all things nutrition, I can be found in the kitchen cooking food, in the lounge room eating food, on my laptop writing about food, with my camera taking photos of food and in the office speaking to my clients about food and nutrition. Outside of all this, I love nothing more than being at home mucking around with my two crazy dogs or enjoying life with my inspirational hubby and amazing family and friends. I just wish we lived closer to the beach!!!

Watch this space for future blog posts and or please ‘like and share’ my Facebook page. I promise to provide balanced views on all things food and nutrition and aim to dispel the many myths and misplaced messages that we are bombarded with. More importantly, I hope to bring fun and flexibility with food back into your lives.

About All About Balance

As a Defence Force WAG (Wives And Girlfriends), I am always on the move and throughout my career I have had to leave numerous jobs and many wonderful clients behind as I travel the country. This is something that I no longer want to do. Also, as we no longer live in a ‘9 to 5’ society, I am aware of the the increasing need for flexibility in the services that I provide as many of my clients cannot make it to clinic in the restricted opening hours.

Therefore, given the fast-paced and time-poor environment we now live in, I thought why not cut the logistics of arranging time off, finding someone to take care of the kids and getting to and from appointments by offering an online dietetic service?! Also, it means that when the time comes to pack up and move again, I can take you guys with me too!

But wait, theres more! Because of the low-overheads involved in running an online practice, my fees are extremely competitive and as I spend less time on the road, I can spend more time with you by offering follow-up email support between our visits!

I also offer private home visits to local Brisbane clients. Unlike traditional clinic-based consultations, visiting my clients in their private homes allows them to relax and feel more comfortable about discussing something as sensitive as diet and health. There’s also the opportunity to discuss food, specific products and meal planning in their own kitchens, which is unique to this setting.

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